Cheers to Mother Earth

There are many reasons to love the month of April.  The hills are green, the buds are breaking on the vines, the sun starts to come out of hiding and spring plantings begin at the farm.  It is the month of new beginnings and renewal.

April is also the month where we are reminded to turn our attention to the world around us and evaluate what we can do to better sustain our planet.

At Clif Family, we make sustainability a priority in the vineyards, at the farm, in the kitchen and through all aspects of our business.  We work as a team to come up with better ways to grow our food, market our products and sell our products.

Here are just a few of the ways that we are working to sustain our planet:

  • Certifications – Our farm and estate vineyards are CCOF Certified Organic, Food Alliance Certified and Napa Green Certified.  We are now working to achieve organic certification on many of our artisan food products and we are working with our grape grower partners to farm organically.
  • Clean Energy – this year, we enrolled in MCE Clean Energy’s Deep Green program.  Through this program, we are able to source 100% renewable energy through wind, solar and biogas.
  • Composting – composting provides us with healthy inputs for our soil to improve fertility.  It also reduces the amount of waste that goes into our landfills.  We compost at the farm, at our Tasting Room and in the kitchen.
  • Seed Saving – inspired by the work of Seed Matters, we have created our own seed saving programs at the farm and are working to share our seed with our local community.
  • Farm to Truck Dining – our Clif Family Bruschetteria Food Truck is fueled by ingredients from our organic farm.  We grow year round fruit and veggies and raise heritage breed Mottled Java Chickens to incorporate on our daily menu.

This month, we encourage you to think about ways you can work to sustain our planet in your daily lives.  And we are always looking for ideas and suggestions for how we can become better stewards of the planet through our business.

Happy Earth Month!