How to Build A Holiday Cheese Platter

Wine Country Cheese Board

Blog Post By Candice Crawford

How to Build A Holiday Cheese Platter

Choose a variety of three to five cheeses. Seeking the advice of your local cheesemonger is always a good idea. Go for a mix of flavor, color and texture.

Pick a few cheeses of different milk types that you know and like and add new varieties of both soft and hard cheeses. A good combination is a soft goat’s milk, a semi-firm cow’s milk, a firm sheep’s milk, and a cream-added blue.

Allow the cheese to sit a room temperature for at least 30 minutes before serving, depending on how warm or chilly the room is.

Add little bites that complement the flavors of the cheeses.
Clif Family Savory Nut Mixes and Organic Preserves add crunchy, salty and sweet touches that perfectly complement cheese.

Seasonal fresh fruit & olives are great palate cleansing bites.

Add a few seasonal flowers and greens to bring color to your cheese board.

If making a cheese board for a larger crowd consider buying two smaller pieces of all the cheeses or cut larger ones in half and replenish during service to keep the board attractive.

Provide utensils for cutting and spreading and bowls for pits & shells.

Wine Pairing

A variety of Clif Family Wines offer guests the option to choose their favorite cheese accompaniment.