How to Host Your Own Trivia Night

Host a virtual trivia night

How to Host Your Own Trivia Night

Blog Post By Samantha Newman

We’re all looking for fun and creative ways to connect with our friends and loved ones right now. One of my favorite things that I have started in the last few months is virtual game nights with friends near and far. We have gotten pretty creative from Virtual Yahtzee with my family in Minnesota to Virtual Happy Hour Trivia nights with local friends. We even hosted a Trivia night with our coworkers, and it was a great time for us all to bond over something other than work for an hour.

I hope this step-by-step guide to hosting your own Virtual Trivia Night will come in handy and inspire some creativity with you and your friends, family or coworkers.

Step 1: Schedule your Game Night
Pick a date that will work for your group. We like weekend afternoons but any night that works for your schedules will do. And choose a virtual platform that will work for your group. We recommend using Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Google Hangout.

Step 2: Organize Trivia Questions

Use our list of pre-determined trivia questions or research your own.

If you’re researching your own:

  • Remember to have to choose a mixture of easy and difficult questions.
  • Depending on your desired length of time for play (we aim for about an hour), we recommend 3 rounds of 10 questions or 4 rounds of 5 questions for more category variety.

Step 3: Create a Score Board
Use our pre-designed excel scoreboard or create your own in google sheets. After each round of questions, have everyone tally their scores so everyone has access to input and see their own scores, in real-time.

Step 4: Refreshments
Every game night needs beverages and snacks! Introduce your friends to your favorite Clif Family wine and snacks to toast and enjoy during the evening. Aim to order a minimum of 1-week prior to your game night to ensure your wines and snacks arrive in time. Check out the Clif Family Blog for some recipe suggestions using Clif Family food products.

Step 5: Have fun!
You’re all set to begin your fun virtual evening with friends. Here are a few more tips to consider during game play.

Households can play as a team, or if feeling super competitive, everyone participating can play on their own.

  • Each household or player will need paper and a writing utensil
  • Have everyone keep their own score and play on the honor system
  • VERY IMPORTANT: have everyone mute their microphones during the question time.
  • Friends get very excited when they know the answer and you don’t want to spoil it for others playing! Everyone can come off of mute during the answer reveal
  • Once all questions have been answered, have everyone tally their own scores and report their score to you to add to the excel scorekeeping board.
  • Plan refreshment refills, restroom breaks, etc. in between each round of questions.
  • If, at the end of the evening you have a tie, have a backup round of questions ready for a tie-breaking session.

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