Holiday Gifting Checklist

Clif Family Gifting Checklist

By Katie Henshaw and Claire McConnell

Holiday Gifting Checklist

What a year. As 2020 draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to show our love and appreciation for all those in our lives who have inspired, supported, taught, cured, delivered, donated, shared, baked, loved, and commiserated with us through the ups and downs of these past months.

My list has a few additions this year. The neighbors who made jam for our whole block to brighten up a tough week. The delivery drivers from the new services that now bring us fresh vegetables and locally roasted coffee. The long-lost college friend on the opposite coast who I reconnected with on Zoom. My virtual book club.

And some recipients deserve a little something extra this year. My postal worker. My pod. My therapist. My spouse.

Additionally, as a mom, I was reminded even more this year how much our teachers, administrators, and babysitters have done for our kids and how well-received a bottle of wine or a tin of chocolates would be.

So, we thought it was time to revisit that usual holiday gift checklist with some updates just for 2020. We hope that this tool helps you spread joy during this special season of gratitude, optimism, and love.

Looking for gift ideas? Clif Family has a little something for everyone. View our 2020 Holiday Catalog or contact us to find out more about gifting with Clif Family.