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Solar Grown™ Honey:
Good For the Planet and Your Palate

Fostering Clean Energy, Biodiversity, and Economic Growth for Small Farmers.

Clif Family Solar Farm
Experience the extraordinary taste of Clif Family’s Solar Grown honey, carefully harvested from hives located on or near solar farms dedicated to preserving pollinator-friendly habitats. As solar energy continues to surge across the United States, pollinator friendly solar farms create an environment that not only enhances the efficiency of solar panels but also fosters soil health, biodiversity, and the well-being of vital pollinators. By combining the power of renewable energy with the richness of nature, our honey is imbued with the essence of sun-soaked flowers and the hard work of busy bees. Every jar is a dedication to sustainability, fostering a harmonious balance between clean energy and thriving ecosystems.
Benefits of Solar Grown

There Is A Bit Of Sunshine In Every Jar 0f Clif Family Solar Grown™ Honey

Experience pure indulgence with our Solar Grown honey, skillfully infused with the exquisite flavors of Burlap & Barrel spices, resulting in our decadent Honey Spreads and tantalizing Cobanero Chili Hot Honey. Prepare to be delighted as you gracefully swirl our honey into your favorite hot tea, elevate your cheese board with a pop of flavor, generously spread it over a warm, freshly baked biscuit, or infuse more flavor into your culinary masterpieces.
Clif Family Solar Honey
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Our Solar Grown Honey Collection is Available in 6 Flavors. Try them all!

Raw Honey

Solar Raw Honey


Clif Family Solar Grown Vanilla Honey


Clif Family Solar Hibiscus Honey


Clif Family Napa Valley Solar Grown Cacao Honey awarded Good Food of 2021

Hot Honey

Clif Family Napa Valley Solar Grown Hot Honey awarded Good Food of 2021