Corporate Gifting

We know that when you order a gift for a friend, family member, colleague or business partner, you expect the best in quality, style and presentation. Clif Family was built on a passion for creating delicious, small batch wine and food while caring for our people, planet and communities. We bring together these delicious products to create thoughtfully curated, sustainable gift sets that stand out from the crowd. Select one of our pre-built gift sets or let our team help you create one of your own with our wide selection of wine, food and customizable packaging.

Build Connections that Last with Meaningful Gifts

Whatever the occasion, gifts are about strengthening your personal connections.


Your gift should align with your company values.

Source your gift from a company that shares your same values. Those values will become a part of the gift giving experience. Read more about Clif Family’s values here, and learn about our commitment to sustainability.


Your gift should share an insight or story about your company.

Stories are the strongest way to connect people with your brand. Little touches will help create a story that lasts much longer than the gift itself.


Your gift should be something that delights the recipient.

You can create a much stronger connection with your brand if you gift an experience to remember rather than something that will gather dust in the office supply closet.

Gifting is easy with Clif Family

Our Gifting Sales Representative is here to help you choose the perfect gift for your occasion and budget and make sure that you are getting the most out of your gifting experience.

  • Customize Your Selection of Wine and Food
  • Create a Personalized Gift Card
  • Create a Custom Insert or Branded Recipe Card
  • Add your Branding to Packaging
  • Add Branded Merchandise to Your Gift

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