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Artisan Foods

Artisan Food

Clif Family crafts artisan foods for indulgent snacking, entertaining, gift giving or enjoying in your favorite recipes. Our Executive Chef John McConnell works with our winemaker and culinary team to develop recipes that pair perfectly with our wines. Experience our Savory Nut Mixes, Chocolates, Culinary Spice Blends, Fruit Preserves, Hot Sauces and Extra Virgin Olive Oil at our Tasting Room and Bruschetteria Food Truck. Explore our blog for our favorite recipes highlighting these ingredients.

“Our Clif Family foods are inspired by the vibrant flavors of our Napa Valley home. Whether enjoying as a snack or adding them to your favorite recipes, we have created these products to enjoy with our Clif Family Wines. And like all great experiences, our Clif Family products are best when shared with friends and family over a great meal.”


Chef Inspired Artisan Food


Clif Family Organic Preserves

Our Food Products

Our artisan foods are perfect for entertaining, gift gifting and enjoying in your favorite recipes. Chef John works with our winemaker and culinary team to create flavors that pair perfectly with our wines.

Experience our products at our Tasting Room and explore our blog for recipe ideas from Chef John.

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Organic Dark Chocolates

Indulge your sweet craving with our decadent dark chocolates, available in 3 flavors and beautiful Forest Stewardship Council certified packaging. They are perfect for gift giving or enjoying as an indulgent dessert.

Organic Savory Nut Mixes

Each of our five savory nut mix flavors are handcrafted in small batches using a combination of delicious ingredients and the highest quality seasonings to create bold flavors that can add extra zest to a cheese plate or be enjoyed as the perfect snack for any adventure.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our estate grown olive oil is a field blend of several olive varieties carefully blended from handpicked olives grown organically on the Clif Family Farm.

Solar Grown™ Honey

Our Clif Family Solar Grown™ Honey comes from hives near a solar farm in Forest City, Iowa, one of the first pollinator-friendly solar farms in the region. From these solar farms we have created two honey products, a Raw Honey and three Spreadable Honey flavors.

Organic Preserves

Each season we preserve the bounty from our own organic farm and other local organic family farms in our small-batch preserves. Enjoy a spoonful of sunshine all year long.                                                

Organic Hot Sauces

Single-varietal hot sauces are made with heirloom peppers grown on our Napa Valley farm. Each hot sauce has a unique flavor profile and heat intensity that can be used as an ingredient, a condiment or a marinade.


Organic Farming in the Napa Valley



Clif Family Farm

Our Clif Family Organic Farm is a hidden gem located on the Eastern Hills of the Napa Valley. In addition to our estate vineyards, we farm about 70 different crops on 5 acres of land. This includes fruit, citrus and olive trees, blueberries, peppers, tomatoes, beans, corn, lettuces and so much more.

Each week, our team harvests the many crops we grow on the farm and delivers them to our Executive Chef John McConnell who in turn creates delicious and seasonal dishes for our Food Truck and Wine Tasting Menus.

We also grow fruit and vegetables for our preserves, hot sauces and extra virgin olive oil, capturing the flavors of Napa Valley at the peak of their seasonal flavor.